Geofencing is a location-based tool that sends messages to customers' smartphones in a designated geographic area. Think of it as an invisible fence that once crossed, gives you information to local businesses looking to have people on the go shop with them.


GPS geofences are created with a customer service specialist. Please email us at to set up yours today. 


We rent our hardware to your business. The fee is included in each subscription. We send out a new beacon every 18 months to maintain optimal performance. If at anytime a beacon is malfunctioning we provide you a new beacon, shipped free of charge.

GPS geofences work from approximately 300 meters (.19 miles) up to 2000 meters and (1.24 miles). We found those distances and in between distances was ideal for customer interaction and technology limitations. 


Bluetooth beacons have an approximate distance of 3 meters (10 feet) up to 100 meters (328 feet). For closer proximity like 3 meters we provide your company a specialty beacon that can provide you greater accuracy.

We do not put limits on how many of your customers want to become a club member. 

For businesses that have multiple locations, we currently offer our points based loyalty program to work across your network of locations.


For your customization pleasure you can decide which locations will be apart of your loyalty program, set the dollar to points ratio to be the same across your network or individual locations can have their own dollar to point ratio and still accept points from different locations. 


Also use the points based system for trendy cash back reward programs. 



Create coupons that can be scheduled to run for a particular time frame, limit amount of available coupons or run a coupon that combines both features. 

  • Free white glove setup. By working together, we help you create an attractive message to engage customers with your business.
  • Email support.

The CenterSquare loyalty platform does not integrate with POS systems.  

At this time we are working to provide the best solution for brick and mortar businesses. 

We use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to verify loyalty transactions. We provide you NFC tags which are tapped by your customers' smartphone. Each NFC tag can be registered to an employee. Once a transaction is approved, our system logs into your dashboard the time, date and employee who provided the rewards to your customer. You may change the employee attached to an NFC tag at anytime inside your dashboard. 

Errors during a loyalty transaction may be deleted from your dashboard. This will also remove the rewards from your customers punch card or points account. When you delete a transaction, your customer is notified of changes to their account by email.