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and Grow Your Business.

“Anytime…anywhere…on the couch or on the go…customers get your latest deals, promotions, coupons and loyalty rewards from the CenterSquare mobile marketing app.”

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A Digital Billboard on Your Customers' Smartphones

A new tool for your advertising arsenal. Acquire new customers and remind existing customers about your loyalty rewards, upsells, cross-sells, events and promotions. Keep customers informed with nearby push notification messages. 

Nearby Bluetooth Beacon Messages

As your customer walks through your door, they receive personalized messages from you. Influence their purchases by reminding them about available rewards and see your bottom line grow. 

Nearby Geofence Messaging

Use geofences to drive nearby traffic to your business. Geofences expand the reach of your nearby messages to the surrounding neighborhood. Gain new customers, promote new products, sell services and advertise special events.

Multiply Your Results

Use additional beacons around your store to send messages based on your customer's location within your building. Measure foot traffic and shopping patterns to keep your brick and mortar business fresh and interesting. 

Additional geofences around your town can help you find your best customers. Their interactions with your messages will give data to who and where they reside and to which promotions interest them.