• What Are Geofences?

    By: Erica Mason

    Businesses looking to market themselves today need to explore every facet of digital marketing. Digital marketing opens up the ability for businesses to reach many more customers than the customary paper, radio and television marketing. One of these new and exciting digital marketing tools is geofencing. Geofencing is a location-based tool that sends messages to customers smartphones in a designated geographic area. Think of it as an invisible fence that once crossed, gives you information to local businesses looking to have people on the go shop with them.  

    Geofencing brings mobile marketing to a completely different level. Giving companies the ability to specifically target customers in a geographic radius is a vital new tool to be used in a saturated marketing scene. Being able to send notifications via a smartphone and change them at any moment to entice local customers can obviously increase sales.

    Analytics is another positive aspect to geofencing. Unless you are able to stop every customer that enters a business and ask them how they happened to find your business, there is no real way of tracking this. It is important to measure what online presence a business has and in order to do that, proper metrics has to be measured. Metrics like this and many other kinds are vital to a business owner who is looking to keep their business thriving.

    Often gained from geofencing is allowing a business to personalize customer offers because they can gain demographics about the regional population. It also helps to gather what offers receive the most interest and attract a consumer into the business. Using the metrics of the marketing ad and seeing purchase history will combined to make geofencing a more useful and profit-making tool. 


    geofence infographic

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