• Near Field Communication Marketing

    By: Erica Mason


    Not all technology advancement needs to be complicated or grand in size. Near field communication, also known as NFC, is a small tag that ranges in size from a few centimeters to a few inches. Though it is small, it’s huge in technological features. NFC tags can be used by a wide variety of businesses and are meant to give instant access to information about products, services and even people.

    NFC readers are incorporated into a smartphone’s circuitry. A reader in a smartphone can work at a maximum rage of roughly four inches. For example, an NFC tag is embedded into a flyer advertising an upcoming event in a town. The tag will direct you to a website that gives you information about the event as well as about the town you’re visiting. You are now gaining the information you were looking for quickly and conveniently.

    At a restaurant this feature can be extremely useful as well. A customer can touch an NFC tag with their phone and receive a full menu, nutritional information and personalized videos or descriptions on where the restaurant locally receives their produce. Having such a low-cost tool that requires little to no care is a wonderful option for a busy business owner looking for new marketing options.

    NFC tags can be a business’s call to action. Using outdoor tags to call to potential customers passing by, offering customers that nudge to buy something by offering a discount through the tag as they shop or by sharing the information about an artist and their work as it hangs next to their piece. NFC tags are a breath of fresh air in sharing information from business to customer.


    NFC Infographic

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